Gov. John Kasich (R)

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John Richard Kasich (born May 13, 1952)is the 69th and current Governor of Ohio.A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Ohio’s 12th congressional district from 1983 to 2001.He was a commentator on Fox News Channel, hosting Heartland with John Kasich, from 2001 to 2007.

In the 2010 Ohio gubernatorial election, Kasich narrowly defeated Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland, receiving 49% of the vote.

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  1. Brian Wright says:

    Gov. Kasich has built a similar reputation for himself here in Ohio as Scott Walker has in Wisconsin as far as unions go. He was behind a push to limit the power of Teacher, Police, Fire/EMS Unions to collectively bargain.

    Our economic condition has improved under Kasich with a $2 Billion dollar surplus. Although a lot of critics argue that it came at the expense of local budgets which have had to been slashed due to decreased state funding.

    Personally I’m not his #1 fan but I’m happy to listen to what he has to say. In the first Republican debates he did very little ‘Make ‘Murica great!!’ semantics. He spoke to the issues at hand and didn’t get into making cracks or jabs about Hillary or his other opponents.

    Unfortunately that kind of sportsmanship doesn’t draw attention or ratings in the Fox News world we live in. I don’t expect him to go far in the race to become the nominee.

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  2. Diane Lane says:

    I don’t watch Fox News or any political programming, so I’m not very familiar with John Kasich, but it appears he will be running for President in 2016, so I’m reading up on him. We actually have some things in common, but those items don’t necessarily relate to our political beliefs. I do agree with some of his stances, but not others, so I’m interested to see what he has to say if he ends up going further in the process.

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