Gov. Martin O’Malley (D)

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Martin Joseph O’Malley (born January 18, 1963) is an American Democratic politician who is currently serving as the 61st Governor of Maryland. Previously, he served as the mayor of Baltimore from 1999 to 2007. He is currently the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

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  1. Tina Jenkins says:

    As a returning Maryland native I find gov. O’Mally to be one of the worst politicians immaginable. He is bankrupting the state with huge entitlements, business unfriendly legislation and high taxes on everyone. His back fence committee is raising the taxes on the Bay Bridge to pay for his boondoggle “big Dig” which few are using. He has intimidated, strong armed and paid off legisators in order to pass legislation the people of Maryland don’t want ie same sex marriage and redistricting.
    Businesses are leaveng MD for business friendly VA by the droves. And this man has desires for the Presidency? Delusions of grandure! Get out and vote the lead out on all levels..

  2. Tyuswent up 300% says:

    Liar and Thief.

    He lied about BGE rates (went up 300%). He raised sales tax 20%. He’s doubled and tripled fees after blasting the last governor for doing the same. Now he’s going to gouge us on the gas tax.

    Stop voting for this Washington lawyer that steals from the middle class and poor to pay his rich lawyers in Montgomery county and the corrupt corporations that fund the Democratic Governor’s Assoc.

    This guy is as evil as they come

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