Joseph R. Biden Jr (D) US Vice President

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Joe Biden - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2003
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Biden unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 1988. He again ran in 2008, but withdrew after the caucuses in Iowa on January 3, 2008. Obama announced Biden as his running mate two days before the beginning of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, at which the nominations of Obama and Biden are expected to be ratified.

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  1. Ruth Martin says:

    I like what Stacy says about Joe Biden. I’m not sure I agree 100%, but if he really is who he say’s he is, and that is not changing, then at least he will do as he says, and not turn around and do something totally different once he gets elected.

  2. God Bless Joe Biden and his honest answers. I like that he is very tongue and cheek. he tells us what we feel and not what we want to hear. Joe Biden is one of the few politicians that are real. he is never going to chaneg and that makes him a man I respect!

  3. I like Joe Biden, he is feisty and speaks his mind, however, Obama should have picked Hillary , you can tell that there is still ‘bad blood’ between Obama & Hillary, they still hate each other. Hillary is only pretending to support Obama, deep down , her & her very staunch supporters will end up voting for McCain ): LOL.

  4. Carolina Mahony says:

    they still dont stand a chance, lol

  5. He has said some dumb things in my not so humble opinion. They better not mess this one up, the country can not possibly take another 4 years of poor leadership. I still cant get over the Gore and Kerry losses. I am definitely a sore loser after those elections. I did not even think i would make it these past eight years. thank goodness they are over. Im surprised george w bush has not managed to blow up the entire earth yet. and people though there would never be worse president than Clinton, ha….

  6. Obama should have chosen Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Biden has been strong on education and getting us out of Iraq, so I am looking forward to see what they can do together

  8. Gary from Indiana says:

    this guy has been caught saing some silly stuff before….and i dont think they stand much of a chance anyway.

  9. Biden seems like the best candidate for the VP spot, hopefully they will have enough time to get on the same page and rev up the campaign.

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