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Huffman, Jared (D-CA-2nd) Representative

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Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA2)

Jared Huffman (born February 18, 1964, Independence, Missouri) is the assemblyman for California’s 6th State Assembly district, which includes all of Marin and southern Sonoma counties. Huffman chairs the Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee and also chairs the Assembly Environmental Caucus. He is the Democratic congressman-elect for California’s 2nd congressional district, after defeating Daniel Roberts in the general election. Read more…

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  1. David Rhodes January 29, 2013 at 8:51 pm - 

    Dear Congressman Huffman,
    The US southern border with Mexico is a well documented, uncontrolled open pathway for illegal immigrants, other criminals and international terrorists to enter the US to do harm to this country. No form of amnesty for illegal invaders should be considered until our southern border is secured, with the military if necessary. At that point, we can quantify who enters our country from the south, calculate the cost to American taxpayers, and then perhaps some form of amnesty for illegals might be rationally considered.
    Without first securing the southern border, you leave legitimate American citizens with the need to maintain private firearms for personal and family defense. In that sense, a proposed “assault weapons ban” is untimely and poorly thought out if you consider the statistics for causes of death in this country due to the various criteria maintained by the FBI. Annual gun deaths due to rifles of any kind are statistically irrelevant. Death by Hammers and clubs are a much greater threat to the average US citizen than being shot by a rifle.
    Thank you for taking my deeply felt comments.

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