Antonella Mularoni – Captain Regent of San Marino

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Captain  Regent of San Marino

Captain Regent of San Marino

Antonella Mularoni is the Captain Regent of San Marino. Mularoni a graduate of Bologna University previously held the positions of Secretary of Foreign Affairs and a Sammarinese judge for the European court of Human Rights. Her political platform focuses on the belief that reform of the United Nations is fundamental for future world stability and must remain the target of all efforts. Mularoni believes in increasing the protection of human rights and notes that women and children are the most vulnerable sections of society where their  rights and freedoms are easily violated.



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  1. oportosanto
    oportosanto says:

    I really can’t say why someone with rate 1 to the Regent of San Marino. This seems to be a really small country(?) so I am guessing no big deal happens there right? Having the human rights flag only confirms this.

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