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Xi Jinping – President of the People’s Republic of China

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President of the People's Republic of China

President of the People’s Republic of China


Xi Jinping became the President of the People’s Republic of China March 14,2013 after a confirmation vote by the 12th national People’s Congress in Beijing. After receiving the Presidency vote, Xi expressed support for non-interference with China-Sri-Lanka amidst a United Nation’s Security Council Vote to  condemn Sri-Lanka   for governmental abuses during the Sri-Lanka Civil War.

Personal Life: Xi married Ke Lingling in the early 1980′s. Little is known about their marriage other than it ended in divorce after a few years.  In 1987 Xi married famous singer  Peng Liyuan. Peng Liyuan is a well known household name in China even more popular than Xi himself until his political exaltation. The couple frequently lives apart due to both of their professional careers and are sometimes known as China’s “emerging star couple”. They have a daughter who was enrolled as a freshman at Harvard University in 2010 under a pseudonym.

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