Xi Jinping – President of the People’s Republic of China

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President of the People's Republic of China

President of the People’s Republic of China


Xi Jinping became the President of the People’s Republic of China March 14,2013 after a confirmation vote by the 12th national People’s Congress in Beijing. After receiving the Presidency vote, Xi expressed support for non-interference with China-Sri-Lanka amidst a United Nation’s Security Council Vote to  condemn Sri-Lanka   for governmental abuses during the Sri-Lanka Civil War.

Personal Life: Xi married Ke Lingling in the early 1980’s. Little is known about their marriage other than it ended in divorce after a few years.  In 1987 Xi married famous singer  Peng Liyuan. Peng Liyuan is a well known household name in China even more popular than Xi himself until his political exaltation. The couple frequently lives apart due to both of their professional careers and are sometimes known as China’s “emerging star couple”. They have a daughter who was enrolled as a freshman at Harvard University in 2010 under a pseudonym.

Read Xi Jinping’s full bio at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Jinping





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  1. oportosanto
    oportosanto says:

    Ever since Tianamen that China for me moved into a totally different category. It’s a capitalist country with no freedom of speech, so it’s hard for me to place them in a free world.

  2. tskier01123
    tskier01123 says:

    China is Historical, that’s for sure. I visited there briefly about six years ago and while it was one of the most different places I’ve ever visited, it still was very much a human place. Human’s should be treated with respect, and life should as well, no matter that there are almost 2 billion of them. I’ve never felt so crowded in my entire life, and going your whole life in those close quarters has got to be a humbling experience. I liked China, the Chinese are awesome people but the Communist way of life needs to go, as do the Political leaders supporting it.

  3. GreenEggsAndSam
    GreenEggsAndSam says:

    China seems to have no respect for any other country, while demanding the highest respect for themselves. They believe that they are unstoppable, and are destined to rule the world. This is a very dangerous situation, and their expanding into the South China Sea shows that they are on the march. This threat needs to be dealt with politically and dealt with fast. If China pushes to hard, war will happen, and it will be bad for everyone.

  4. MarkOfDavison
    MarkOfDavison says:

    Xi Jinping seems to have the same goals as Putin, to bring his country to the position of the lone major superpower. Unlike Putin, he is playing his strategy entirely different. Xi Jinping is slowly spreading across Asia, mainly with China claiming large areas of ocean, and building new islands. What scares me is when these steadily expanding areas of claim reach the shores of another nation, or another nation takes exception to China’s claim, and tries to do something about it. I also am concerned about how his government is managing China’s economy, and how its stock market has sent tremors though global markets twice in less than a year.

  5. zurcminister
    zurcminister says:

    The Chinese under the leadership of its President Xi Jinping is causing a lot of unrest in the Asia Pacific Region because of its Nine Dash Policy which is awfully wrong and causing a lot of tensions in the area since the imaginary line which China claims is historically accurate, lays claim to mostly a part of the territories of most Asian claimants, among which include Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and a few countries more. Time can only tell, if the Chinese will give in or continue to be persistent to the pressures of its “tiny” neighboring countries.

  6. Nox
    Nox says:

    We may not always agree with the ways of the Chinese, but we can’t argue that they are currently doing something right. For much f the past 2 years where global demand in many part of the world has been subdued, the Chinese economy has carried much of the global economy. The devastating effects of the recently devalued Yuan, calls us all to re-evaluate our views on China.

  7. bonzer
    bonzer says:

    He recently went with, a whopping $45 billion dollar aid to Pakistan. This is to negate India’s civilian nuclear energy deal with US. They don’t want peace in the South-Asian region and somehow want to check the economic progress of India. Pak, being a terror-sponsoring state, China can force Pak on India, fuelling constant unrest in Indian Kashmir. Chinese are a pain in the ass, Xinping has always practiced politics of coercion.

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