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Franklin D. Roosevelt – 32nd President of the US

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32nd President of the United States


Franklin Delano Roosevelt aka FDR (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945) was the 32nd President of the United States. Roosevelt led the United States at a time of economic depression and total war. He was the only President elected to more than two terms.

During his first 100 days of his Presidency Roosevelt implemented the “New Deal” a variety of programs designed to produce relief such as unemployment, recovery for economic growth, reform (through regulation of Banks, Wall Street and transportation).

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  1. zurcminister
    zurcminister says:

    One of the greatest Presidents of the United States and is very well known quite here in the Philippine history books because of his role during the war of the Philippines which was aided by the Americans during World War II against the Japanese forces. He was also the President during the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Forces during the year 1941 which forever will remain in the history pages of world history.

  2. Liv6
    Liv6 says:

    I hold the utmost respect and admiration for Franklin D. Roosevelt, especially as he led the country through some of its worst times with the Great Depression. However, what awes me the most is that he endured countless domestic issues for so many terms; most presidents are completely stressed out after only two, as displayed by a head of grey hair. All the measures that he was able to enact with the New Deal is unbelievable, and I particularly appreciate the charitable aspect of these acts. It was unfortunate that his presidency had to terminate with his death.

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