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James A. Garfield – 20th President of the US

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20th President of the United States

20th President of the United States

James A. Garfield served as the 2oth President of the United States in 1881. He was elected to the Presidency after completing nine years in the House of Representatives. Prior to his service in the House , Garfield served as a Senator from 1859-1861. Garfield’s administration focused on energizing US naval power and purging corruption in the United States Postal Office. He served as President for only 200 days when he was assassinated on July 2, 1881 by  Charles J. Guiteau and is one of four US Presidents who had been assassinated while in office.

Garfield, raised in Ohio married Lucretia Rudolph in 1858 and bore seven children. One son James R. Garfield followed in his father’s footsteps in politics serving as the Secretary of the Interior under President Theodore Roosevelt.

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