Secret Military Spending: The US Is Doing It

According to the United States Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2012, of the nearly $3.8 trillion to be spent, nearly a full quarter of it (24%) is assigned to the broad category of Defense.┬áMuch is made of the Pentagon’s budget in terms of aggregate dollars (and it’s a big number), but the truth about military spending is that many of the expenditures are used in operations deemed in the interest of national security. As such, these unknown military programs and international espionage initiatives are considered too vital for open financial accounting, necessitating a portion of the military budget to be provided regardless of the cost and the lack of an explanation. Military waste has been well-documented, but secret military waste has not.

In addition to accounted expenses in the Pentagon budget, off-budget operations are also implemented and the money for those operations is often cloaked in as much secrecy as the operations themselves with the the rationale of national security. Only a select few within the Pentagon know how the money is used. Neither is fund procurement well explained: providing “black” funds for “black” ops behind the highly convenient claim of national security creates a climate of distrust because accountability is non-existent and the only response is “just trust us.”

From: Online Military Education

Secret Military Spending: The US Is Doing It



  1. Ruth Martin says:

    These are great infographics which puts all the military spending a bit more into perspective. Seeing it in the visual here is beneficial because it makes it more real (and more frightening) then just reading about it or hearing about it. One of the reasons I think the US is so far in debt is because the big guys who do the big spending don’t really care! And we little people are a drop in the bucket and can only do a little saving in our own homes which will never be enough to make a big difference.

  2. The number for China does not consider that China can field 100 million people between its active-duty and reserve units. China now has its own carrier. Our own units are cost more due to the tech we go with into battle.

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